Population set to increase by 50%

Musselburgh’s population is set to increase by as much as 50% if the proposed East Local Development Plan in accepted.

Recently published for consultation, the Plan sets out how the provisions of the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) will be delivered locally.

The SDP which covers the whole of south-east Scotland, requires 10,500 dwellings to be delivered up to 2024.

East Lothian Council propose allocating 5304 of these dwellings to Musselburgh in a compact strategy that focusses development in the west of the county.

Our Local Plan Briefing Note sets out our basis for objecting to the Proposed Local Plan.

We are calling the Council to have a wider and more imaginative vision of how our town could develop, whilst preserving its special character and distinct identity.

Click A Vision for Musselburgh to find out more.

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