Pinkie Battlefield

The Battle of Pinkie in 1547 was the last major battle between Scotland and England. It came as the culmination of Henry VIII’s campaign known as the Rough Wooing with the
objective of forcing the Scots acceptance of a marriage alliance between his son
Edward and the infant Mary, Queen of Scots. After Henry’s death in January 1547
the Regent, the Duke of Somerset, decided that an invasion was the only way to
secure the marriage. The battle was a dramatic defeat for the Scots, causing the virtual destruction of their army. However, despite Scotland’s heavy losses, the English were unable to achieve their war aims. (Source: Historic Scotland)

Pinkie Battlefield Walk: This guidebook was put together by members of the Pinkie Cleugh Battlefield Group. The Group was formed in 2010 by collaboration amongst several local community and heritage groups, including the Musselburgh Conservation Society, to try to enhance knowledge and understanding of the battlefield, for the benefit of the local communities and our visitors.

Further information about the Battle of Pinkie is provided by the Battlefield Trust.