Living in a Conservation Area

Living in a conservation area gives the home owner greater restrictions on alterations than can be made to their property and land.

On the other hand, living in conservation area can ensure that the special character of your surroundings will be safeguarded from inappropriate development.

A planning application will be required for most proposed developments. Permission can be needed for relatively minor work, such as

  • replacing windows
  • changing the colour of a building
  • garages, garden sheds, oil storage tanks
  • porches, roof lights, walls and fences
  • installation of signage and satellite dishes

Trees that are within conservation areas are often protected. Permission must be sought before they are pruned, lopped or felled.

East Lothian Council Development Management Service provides advice to residents who are considering carrying out any works on property within a conservation area.

For further information visit: Planning and Conservation Areas or speak to the Duty Planner via the East Lothian Council Environment Reception on 01620 827216.

To read up a bit more try A Guide to Conservation Areas in Scotland.