2020 Design Award

The Archer at the Mall

The 2020 Design Award was presented to Svetlana Kondakova and Maja Quille, the co-designers of the Archer statue which is sited in the Mall close to the river Esk.   It is one of two art projects funded in Musselburgh by the supermarket chain, Tesco.   The designers are graduates of the Edinburgh College of Art who settled on the figure to represent key periods in Musselburgh history.   The statue with its roman style pteruges represents the Roman occupation of the area during the year 80AD.  It is also symbolic of the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh in 1547 when the Scottish army was dealt a terrible blow by the English invaders.   Whilst the Archer is designed without a bow and arrow, its stance as an archer is also intended to represent the Musselburgh Silver Arrow, the oldest trophy in the world having been competed for every year since 1603 by the Royal Company of Archers.   The statue is the starting point for a trail of arrows which can be found in and around Musselburgh, placed at strategic locations to guide people through the history of the town.  The first of these can be found at the Brunton Hall.

The photograph shows the designer, Svetlana Kondakova along with Alan Armour, Chair of the Musselburgh Conservation Society, who presented the award, and Councillor James Goodfellow, Cabinet Spokesperson for Housing and Community Wellbeing.