Summer Trip 2019

The long awaited coach outing to the Victoria and Albert museum situated on the banks of the Tay in the city of Dundee took place on a reasonably warm Sunday on 7th June.   There was a good attendance with some 45 present.  We were taken there and back on a comfortable coach and the scenery on route was enjoyed by all.  On arrival, it was apparent the building itself is of outstanding architectural beauty and designed to appear like waves or the hull of a ship.   The guided tour round the exterior detailed the method of construction and how the sea cliffs of Scotland also inspired the form of the museum.   Similarly the interior design was explained in detail with the large internal concourse containing a cafeteria and shops as well as the usual extras of rest rooms and locker area.   The guided tour of the exhibits covered only a section of what was on display and there was ample opportunity afterwards to wander around at leisure.  Nearby was the Discovery which took Captain Scott to the Antarctic and this was an added attraction which was enjoyed by a number of our members and guests.   Thanks go to Gavin McDowall who organised the outing to the last detail and ensured everybody went and came back in one piece.

Your Committee are having thoughts as to where we might visit next Summer and Stirling Castle is certainly high on the list.  No doubt the destination will be spoken of in detail once a final decision is made.